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With the world trade still depending heavily on the seafaring, just as centuries before, it is critical to transport your goods using a trustworthy logistics provider only... We are exactly that type of a provider!




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We offer all seafaring services that your business might need!

Established in 1989, Porto is one of the most successful UA owned freight delivering & sea freight forwarding companies. Our main specialization is international sea and ocean freight. We offer the full array of transport services, including pickup and delivery to door or port, shipping container packing, warehousing, documentation processing, customs brokerage and more.

The shipping documentation required for freight shipments varies, depending on whether you are shipping via air or sea.  It also depends on whether you choose to drop your parcel off at a receiving centre/depot or have it collected.

Whichever shipping solution you choose, our specialized freight team will be here to advise you and ensure that you have all the documentation you need to

Various International Customs and Quarantine formalities for the clearance of imports or exports consignments are usually highly regulated.The correct preparation and completion of the customs clearance procedures are uber important in making your goods be transported and picked up at the destination port in a proper and fast way. If some of those rules are bent, heavy penalties…

An Ultimate Warehousing Management, Provided by a Freight Company That Knows How to Deal With Bulk Cargo Shipments! Do you need to reduce distribution costs and lead time for orders? Want the flexibility of multiple locations within the same city, within the same country or around the world to optimize the overall efficiency?

Kevin Garnett

In order for me to be able to sell my beans I need them to be transported to Hong Kong firstly… This is when I need a helping hand (or a boat) of companies like this one! I’ve been using their seafaring services for years and it always paid off!