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With the world trade still depending heavily on the seafaring, just as centuries before, it is critical to transport your goods using a trustworthy logistics provider only... We are exactly that type of a provider!




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Ship owners are eagerly investing in optimizing the way they work. But now the shipper has a role to play in helping an operator innovate by adjusting their own operations and aligning to be a desirable partner. You might be expecting a timely column on ocean trade with insight into the new weighing requirements and…

The 19 ocean carrier members of the Ocean Carrier Equipment Management Association (“OCEMA”) have joined with six major East and Gulf coast ports, including the South Carolina Ports Authority, Georgia Ports Authority, North Carolina State Ports Authority, the Port of Houston Authority, The Port of Virginia and Virginia International Terminals, and the Massachusetts Port Authority,…

If there is one lesson learned by the catastrophic global events recently, it’s that “just-in-case” scenarios trump “just-in-time” imperatives. Japan’s earthquake, continued political unrest in the Middle East, and wild world currency fluctuations have shippers hedging their bets these days—and that includes domestic seaport selection Ship owners are eagerly investing in optimizing the way they…