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Conservation is the practice of protecting wild plant and animal species and their habitats. The goal of wildlife conservation is to ensure that nature will be around for future generations to enjoy and also to recognize the importance of wildlife and wilderness for humans and other species alike.



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We administer the John Thorbjarnarson Fellowship for Reptile Research. WCS Senior Conservation Scientist Dr. John Thorbjarnarson was a world-renowned expert on crocodiles, alligators, anacondas, turtles, and other species of reptiles and worked tirelessly throughout Latin America,…

Our Ruggieri Fellowship for Field Research supports graduate or undergraduate field research in the marine waters of New York and New Jersey relating to biology, ecology and/or conservation. In 2010, WCS launched the New York Seascape…

Our Climate Adaptation Fund provides competitive grants to non-profit conservation organizations throughout the United States to take on-the-ground actions focused on implementing priority conservation actions for climate adaptation at a landscape scale. Projects are encouraged to…

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