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Rentallo rentals offer everything that a solitaire farmer or a big farming and agricultural corporation might ever need for the ripe harvesting season... Our agricultural vehicles and special farming heavy machinery will most




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Meet the Team. Who We Are?

Chairman of the Board 


John is one of the two brothers from the state of Maine, who initially founded this rental service. He's an avid car lover and an in-depth heavy machinery specialist. John is not ashamed to work at the back of our warehouses himself, fixing the transmission for a John Deere loader

Executive managers

Head of Infrastructure


As the head of our renting company's infrastructure division, Max takes full charge of inspecting all our hangars and warehouses areas. It is an essentially important duty, as all of these premises house all the vast amount of the heavy farming machinery on wheels that we have, all the trucks

Stock manager


Christian is responsible for keeping up with all the fleet of our farming vehicles, heavy machinery and the replacement parts for repair checkups... He oversees the repair works that we undertake on a monthly basis, does an inspection maintenance checkups each quarter and also purchases the new, better machinery items

Head of Customer Support


Jack is definitely our company's most universal soldier, held accountable for both the sales that he goes through on a daily basis, the orders that our customers file to us, as well as for the customer support office that we have... By far, he's clung to the phone more than

Chief Financial Officer


Ken's been working as a chief financial analyst for Bechtel; Fluor Corp.; CB&I and Kiewit Corp. During those years he excelled in this field, efficiently cutting the side expenses that were bringing those top contractors down. Few years ago we managed to get him onboard, and not even a full

Vice President of Operations


Previously Edward owned his own mid-sized contracting company. That kind of a first hand, entrepreneurial experience in managing all the processes and operations for a construction company got our attention. Last year we invited him to join our team, which he fortunately did...