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Maintenance and Repair

We are proud to provide our professional help for the local community on a 24/7 basis.

Our main stance is to never underestimate the importance of either residential or commercial power supply systems working as properly as they’re intended.

With both the individuals and businesses asking for our electricians’ assistance all week long, we never get out of the working loop!

Be sure that with so many years of experience and professional insight, we are able to solve anything!


What Makes Us Better?

24/7 Service

However emergent the issue you’re facing with your electrical system and components is, our emergency crew will be ready to assist!

Services Range

Servicing, repairing and maintenancing a number of electricity-related systems and devices, we are pros!


If you’ve been one of our customers once, you will always be able to use your membership card for getting a 10% discount!


All the members of our crew have a long practical experience of working with fixing the electrics!

Meet Our Crew

Happy customers

Alex Buoyega


Mr. Buoyega was born in one of Detroit’s poorest blocks, all before pursuing his successful managerial career in the future. For him, the breakthrough happened when he was able to get on Harvard University’s…

Kenneth Richardson

Crew Member

A talented and creative leader, Kenneth is known among his colleagues for how good his organizing and team leading skills are… Working priorly for a number of American and International multi-billion dollar companies…

Jonathan Christman

Crew Member

Being as a devoted family man as he is, it is incredible how Jonathan has time left for managing multi-million dollar contracts, satisfying all of our clients and managing a vast team of professionals under his command. His resolve is well…

Martin Gray

Crew Member

Originally from London, at one point of his sophomore college year, Martin decided to turn the tables for his career and travel to the US, to try and get a Harvard MBA degree… Eventually, he succeeded in that, becoming…

Arthur Arnolds

While having my power tumblers at home out of order was no big deal for me, my wife was of another opinion… So though it was 9 in the evening, I called these guys up and boy, did they fix the tumblers issue!

Having problems with power supply or outlets?

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