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Truly the Most

Heartfelt Animal


If it wasn’t for our founder’s childhood spent at a ranch in northern Texas, surrounded by domestic animals and pets all the time till she went to college – there might have been no PetInn animal shelter now.


So as soon as she graduated with her Veterinary degree 12 years ago, she already knew what she will be doing for a living.


When it comes to which dog breeds that come from the good old England are the most popular ones in the US, English Cocker Spaniels easily win hands down… This spaniel who goes by the name of Amsted is the cutest one in the US, for sure!

All in all, with thousands of animals saved off the streets and cared for every year, we hope to encourage much more pet adoptions to happen! Saving thousands of homeless animals on the streets of the city every year, we sincerely hope that each one of them will one day be adopted by a loving & caring new family of humans!

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“Best Shelter of the Year”



“Best Shelter in CA”



“Best Shelter on the West Coast”



“#1 Animal Shelter in Anaheim”


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