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Every single day thousands of Americans suffer from all different kinds and types of pain. Starting with back pain, neck pain, muscle pains, migraines and many other once-off or chronic body pains - a quality physical therapy is a viable answer!




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Welcome To our Site!

When one of our founders, Peter Stevenson was choosing between a regular medical career and a work path of the practicing physiotherapist, he based his choice on what he loved doing the most.

Therapies Spectrum

While we’re definitely not the biggest practice in the US, we have the widest range of physiotherapy services, as opposed to our competitors!

Long Experience

With just a little bit over 30 years of a history as a practice and decades of combined experience our staff members do have, we are the ultimate!

Affordable Prices

Thankfully the number of our visitors is so big, that we were always able to adjust our pricing. Keeping all of our services affordable for any American!

Whether you are 20 years old or 70 years old

Acute, chronic or post-traumatic pain can get you anytime Physical Therapy is the tool for making your body and whole health improve and get back on track!

Types of Therapies


Ryan Banies

Before I’ve started attending these physical therapy services and treatment sessions, my migraines were just driving me crazy every day…

Ted Christiansen

I had been struggling with the various types and intensities of back pains for all of my adult life. Thank God one of my friends referred me here…

John Vattiano

You just cannot enjoy the life to its fullest when you are struggling with the muscular pain all of the time. This was the reason why I eventually started…

Recent Blog Entries

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