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Taking care of your garden takes some considerable amount of time, which one might not always have. We will help you by making sure your garden always looks neat!

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As the cold time of the year inches closer, we’re getting ready for keeping ourselves warmer. We should go the same length for plants in our garden too! Transporting tender perennials and marginally hardy plants from the chilly garden to a conservation…

As general as it may seem, not all plants, especially the edible ones, are as easy to grow as you’d think. For example, if we’re talking about a typical New England kind of a weather year-round, growing some specific fruits can become a hurdle. The list…

When some unknown kind of bug gets spotted in a garden, the perfect solution for your and the local area’s plants and gardens would be to report it. This is because some unwanted insects if left unnoticed, can go on to harm a lot of crops, plants and…

Just as we keep ourselves warmer when the winter season hits us, the same precautions should be done about our flowers and plants. The heated conservatory provides a warm and light environment but can be expensive to run. Day temperatures…

Many years ago I bought a ‘Hardy Chicago’ fig and since then I’ve been tasting homegrown figs every single fall. These figs sit in pots in the basement from December to February and then enjoy their summers outside. This year I planted a few in the ground…