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funeral services

Personalizing the Service

When planning a service, it's helpful to think of the unique qualities of the recently deceased and create a service that honors those traits and traditions of your family.


A personalized funeral will be memorable for friends and family and provide a feeling of closure knowing that the life of your loved one has been truly celebrated. When searching for ways to personalize a funeral service, remember the moments you spent with the person and try to highlight their qualities.

Our advantages


At Santa Veronica, you can plan or arrange any kind of funeral 


Even if you are looking for something special, the Funeral Directors of our company can help you arrange everything.


Our funeral planning services can save your time and money


By preparing a funeral plan you will relieve your family of a huge burden and strain during an already difficult period.


We understand how painful the loss of a loved one can be


We help people during a very difficult time in their lives and we understand the importance of showing care and compassion.

Our promise

is to help you arrange a funeral with care

The period following the death of a loved one is traumatic and it is important that you do not feel rushed into making funeral arrangements. Our promise and goal is to help you with it.

Funeral insurance

Regardless of your age or health, we offer insurance plans that can be paid in a single payment or spread over a 3-, 5- or 10-year period. When the time comes to make your claim, your funds will be available quickly.