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7 Days a week from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm


Thai Spa massage salon “Pleasure” is a home of harmony, an island of tranquility and the door to the world of relaxation, where every inhabitant of the city can escape from the crazy pace of modern life, forget about appointments, important matters, issues, concerns.


Interior, music, fragrances and professional master masseurs will create a unique atmosphere, making each visit to our spa salon a little trip to Thailand.


We offer a wide range of services and procedures designed to eliminate the effects of constant stress and nervous system overload (anti-stress massage), the massage will also help you forget about fatigue, pain in muscles and joints (traditional Thai massage).


After massage, you will feel the incredible ease in every cell of your body, the muscles will “sing” and easily respond to any motion, you will be full of energy and good mood. Further stress will not take you...

After the healing treatment you will think clearly, many decisions will come up to you, and the problems that have tormented you for a few days or weeks will suddenly seem not so complex, the solutions will pop up...

We are sure that once you try one of the procedures, you will want to repeat it again and again. In addition, you will become interested in other types of Thai massage offered in our spa salon...



It’s a unique massage session held by two masseurs simultaneously. Their harmonious work will bring balance and harmony in every cell of your body.


A distinctive feature of this massage is the immediate impact on the head, face, neck, shoulders, neck area, arms and back.


Foot massage is Thai foot massage, which can improve the tone of blood vessels, get rid of the accumulated excess liquid and a feeling of heaviness in the legs.


The combination of traditional Thai body massage and a half-hour foot massage will return your courage and strength.


“ The massage rooms are equipped comfortably and thoughtfully. All is done neatly to the last detail. I have not found time for the holidays, but the two-hour massage at the Pleasure salon became my holiday adventure and fun! Now, a few words about the massage: those who love Thai massage won’t be disappointed. Thank you very much for a feeling of a renewed body, the perfect mood and energy! ”