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Our members and other anglers will have several opportunities this summer to fish special open charters sponsored by premium rod manufacturer. These trips will begin in May and will last until November.


Moreover, there will be the greatest event to get together, share your impressions, and get more about fishing and fishing community – the Annual Fundraiser Dinner.


Canada has a long way to go in protecting its oceans. The United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity wants 10 percent of the world’s marine and coastal environments protected by 2020. So far, Canada has set aside just 1.3 percent.


Either RFA is intentionally leaving out important details on summer flounder or they just don’t get it. Given the kind of thing that usually comes out of the Recreational Fishing Alliance shop in Jersey, we weren‘t exactly surprised to see their latest press release.


The Mid-Atlantic Council is considering one of the largest habitat protection actions in Atlantic history… Anglers should be weighing in… Ever done an overnighter at the Hudson? Or any of the Mid-Atlantic’s canyons? If you hit it right, it’s like something from another world.


Really, if you fish, at all, this is important… for a very basic reason — when there’s no bait, there’s no fishing. If you spend more than a few days on the water every year, you know this is the case.


Before we get to all this, you may have noticed we haven’t written a blog in a while. The lull is for reasons too complicated to get into here, but we hope to be back up and running full steam by early 2015.