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Everyone knows just how much the 3D printing industry is booming right now. Be sure, that whatever the scale of your 3D printing project will be, we are the only company experienced enough to perform a seamless, perfect job for it!


With the 3D printing technology on the march in the last few years, all of the most progressive people in the world probably know, that some medical…


Unless you don’t ever read the news, the 3D industry grew by a staggering rate of 12000%. But what kind of message does it send to those investors who have…

While the very 3D printing industry is all revolutionary by itself, the invention of this new type of ink, some printing will be much easier to accomplish now.

While 3D, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality firmly stand in a category of its own, this time we’re gonna talk just how it relates to 3D printing as well…