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Micro Sundae

We're famous for this! A small scoop of any flavor ice cream, packed into a special espresso-sized container, piled high with fresh whipped cream, hot fudge (or special topping, if available), nuts and sprinkles.

Toto Pops

Wonderfully refreshing fresh fruit pops in flavors like blackberry and strawberry, orange pineapple, mango, and pineapple ginger. The flavors change weekly and their assembly is truly a labor of love.


An Italian-style dessert beverage that consists of our hand-pulled espresso delicately poured over a scoop of any flavor ice cream available in-store.

Ice Cream


Not only does our kitchen provide delicious ice cream and cakes, but our servers and cooks work hard to offer lots of tasty ice cream treats.

We combine the unmatched flavor of black cherry, with the sweetness of almond in the Amaretto. This delightful treat is a big hit and we are sure you’ll like it!

Enjoy that old fashioned ice cream parlor taste with classic gourmet chocolate ice cream. The perfect blend of rich cocoa makes it #1 choice for chocolate lovers.

The warm flavor of the butter brickle pieces highlights the creaminess of this gourmet ice cream. The caramel color promises a taste experience that is well lived up to.

Our richest, most indulgent Vanilla inspired by the traditional French custard. Perfectly pairs with Parfaits, Pancakes & Waffles.

We make all of our ice cream by hand, in small batches. In the bakery adjoining our ice cream kitchen, we make everything that goes into our ice cream, whether it’s brownies, peanut brittle, marshmallows, or the snickerdoodles for Ricanelas!


We have lots of homemade toppings to jazz up your ice cream, including almond toffee, graham crackers, and spiced pecans–to name just a few of the most popular. And don’t forget to ask for our decadent homemade hot fudge to top it off!

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