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There is no haggling on placement fees as you decide what fee you would like to pay.


Submit a job specification then we contact the relevant recruitment agency for you.


We email the agency and give your details once they agree to the terms.

How can our agency help you?

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Our recruiters successfully apply best technics for personnel search, selection of agencies in accordance with customer requirements and assessment. We use both standard channels for searching specialists (database, a network of professional contacts, social professional networks, Internet portals) and non-standard (executive search and head hunting).

We are working qualitatively with customer and request since applying until the end of the probationary period. We provide your cooperation only with the best and the most successful representatives of the recruiting sphere.

Our experts shall not disclose the name of the employer, to the moment he affirms the agency, we have chosen. We provide impeccable privacy exposure, even when we have not been asked and have not signed it the contract.

Realizing that the question of recruiting professionals can solve only qualified specialists, I believe that having found the company RECRUITMENT, I’ve got a reliable partner and a real team of soul-mates. Look forward to further cooperation.

I can recommend RECRUITMENT as the very professional company, which succeeded in combining state-of-the-art recruiting techniques with deep knowledge of the British labor market.

Reckoning all the complexity of the work on search and selection of experts, connected with the access to a new market, and with our serious attitude to human resources.

With the help of this company, I received a prestigious job in one of the most famous British corporations. I have been searching for work for a long time, but it did not bring positive results. I thank the experts who have helped me with employment.

Alice Brown

Antony Moore

Bryan Thompson

Ann Smith